About Us

Euorgroup is a leading and dynamic corporate business group with rich experience and vast network worldwide. The group’s diversified business verticals deal with Import, Export ,Trading of commodities, E-vehicle batteries, Healthcare, Technology and Entertainment etc.

The group has extensive worldwide network and remarkable global presence in different countries like USA, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Singapore, Middle- east and African countries. It is currently headquartered at Kolkata, India and having its global offices in USA, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

The group’s core objective is customer satisfaction by providing cost effective products/services to its customers in hassle- free way through its various verticals irrespective of product or service division. Further quality assurance is a key factor in achieving customer satisfaction. Here it gets ensured by implementing thorough quality control process in order to achieve set international standards.

The group’s year old corporate verticals focus on its core businesses as well simultaneously engaged in R&D for developing global market and for further business diversification. It applies modern approaches in business and hence is able to match customer expectations and achieve competitive edge in today’s highly competitive global market scenario.

Its leading domains like Healthcare, Technology and Commodity has already proved that and successfully established trust factor within huge customers base. The group has successfully launched many of its brands like “Euor Health” “EUORCLINIC” in Healthcare, “EASTERN CHEETAH” in E-Vehicle battery segment etc. Many of its brands had grabbed prestigious awards from both national and internal platform.

The group is successfully managed by its founder Mr. Sudeep Kumar Mukherjee with a robust, competitive and experienced team of well known personalities from various sectors of industries.

The entire team is equipped with extremely talented people who further add values to the entire group and continuously reviving it.

Euorgroup gives equal priority to both its customers and employees which makes it a happy workplace.

Our Team

EUOR Group's team is having the right proportion of Skill, Knowledge, Experience & a Young Dynamic Energetic Team. Currently it's a team of 70+ dedicated members and few are renowned & established in their respective Verticals

Group Verticals

  • Agri Commodities

  • Information Tech

  • Health Tech

  • Entertainment

  • E Vehicle Division

client speak

  • Andrew Eilers 8th May, 2015

    I am happy about the launch of your company! EUOR is a great idea and will take root reaching across Kolkata and then all of India! From my 30 minutes looking at the site and signing up for it, I noticed these positives for EUOR:The variety of services offered is excellent.The reputed organizations providing services brings some confidence to me.The registration only took 5 minutes once I began.I received an immediate sms reply once my registration was complete.I received an immediate e-mail reply upon completion of registration.The photos are inviting.Some major features like the phone number, log in panel on the right side and feedback and 'Request a Callback' tabs are clear and easy to find.

Our Team

Mr.Sudeep Kr.Mukherjee Founder, Euorgroup
Mr.K.J. SharmaChief Advisor, Euorgroup
Mr.Shrikant Agarwal Partner, Euor Commodities LLP, India
& Finance Head
Mr.Bidip SinhaPartner, Euor International LLC,USA
Mr.Soumya Sarkar Partner, P&P Entertainment LLP India
Mr.Gautam ChatterjeeHead QA, Euor Commodities LLP, India
Mr.Sushobhan GhoshCEO, Eastern Cheetah (The battery Division of Euor Commodities LLP, India )
Mr.GAUTAM CHATTERJEECEO, Eastern Cheetah (The battery Division of Euor Commodities LLP, India )

Name: Mr.Sudeep Kr.Mukherjee

Designation:Founder Euorgroup

A keen planner, strategist and implementer with deftness in leading start ups of new business divisions/ branches, aimed at ensuring successful running and management of operations. Ability to think out of the box, and contribute ideas towards achieving operational excellence. An impressive communicator with honed interpersonal, team building, convincing and analytical skills. Having experience to start seven successful projects during his professional career. He has a long 18 years of experience creating new businesses and executing it on large scale . EUOR Health is his brain child. He is an absolute team player and firmly believes that every success is due to team effort .

Name:Mr.K.J. Sharma

Designation:Chief Advisor Euorgroup

He is the senior most member in our team and we take inspiration from him to go forward . He assists team to create new strategies and our team is getting advantage of his rich & wide international network . He was in the topmost position in several big International Companies being CEO/MD , So he has more than 45 Years of vast knowledge & experience into operations too . He is also assisting team in International Collaborations and Partnerships .

Name: Mr.Bidip Sinha Partner

Designation: Euor International LLC,USA

He is one of the senior member in our team looking after USA collaborations with Cancer Care Organizations & Also looking after our USA Office operations with his immense expertise . He is in USA since last 35 Years and based out of there .

Name:Mr.Somya Sarkar

Designation:Partner P&P Entertainment LLP India

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Name:Mr.Gautam Chatterjee-Head QA

Designation: Euor Commodities LLP, India

He is looking after the QA. He is team player having more than 30yrs of experience in Quality assurance.

Name:Mr.Sushobhan Ghosh

Designation:CEO, Eastern Cheetah (The battery Division of Euor Commodities LLP, India )

He is heading the E-Vehicle battry division and has successfully established the brand “Eastern Cheetah”. He has more than 30 yrs of experience in battery industry .He was associated with brands like Exide and many more.

Name:Mr.Shrikant Agarwal

Designation: Partner Euor Commodities LLP, India and Finance Head

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant having immense in depth knowledge on commercial operations on any project. He is having hands on experience on various project earlier in India and abroad. He is an asset to the team of Euor health. He is an young energetic finance professional having good banking experience being in to a business family along with his educational background he is very good to manage finance. He has immense entrepreneurial skill . Currently He is also looking after the financials and Compliances of the Company .


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